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Office Space For Rent in Reno
Office and Retail Space For Rent in Carson City

Canyon Falls Business Center | Carson City, NV

Canyon Falls Business Center

Carson City, NV


Strategically located in the heart of Carson City on N. Carson Street! The busiest street in Carson! Offering both retail and office space.

Ranch View Business Center | Office Space For Rent Reno, NV

Ranch View

Reno, NV


The Ranch View office complex is located on the Eastern side of Reno facing the old ranch hillsides that once were.

At Rylexa Properties we strive to make your leasing experience as easy as possible which is why we offer the ability to pay your rent online!
About Rylexa Commercial Properties


At Rylexa Commercial Properties we aim to provide state-of-the-art office space for rent in Reno and retail and office space in Carson City to those looking for a clean, affordable and modern place to excel.